The 10 Best Workout DVD Programs You Need to Try


“It’s too far from my home.” “It’s too expensive.” “I feel too self-conscious working out in front of other people.” The reasons people avoid traditional gyms and workout centers are as varied as they are valid. Going to the gym just isn’t for everyone. Many beginners and experts alike opt to pursue fitness from the comfort of their own homes, which is why we have compiled a list of 10 of the best workout video programs available. Interested in starting a home fitness routine? Try one of these on for size:

1. Insanity

Insanity is aptly titled: these insanely grueling workouts are not for the faint of heart. Viewers follow leader Shaun T through one hour sessions of MAX Interval training in pursuit of the promised amazing results in just 60 days.

2. P90X

Don’t be fooled, although it does not advertise insanity in its title, P90X still manages to push users to the extreme through a grueling 90 day schedule. P90X never allows muscles to become accustomed to the workout routine, promoting muscle growth through constant change-ups.

3. Focus T25

Focus T25 promises a heart-pumping, muscle-toning, full body workout in just 25 minutes. This extremely focused interval training concentrates on one muscle group at a time, switching over to the next group just when you’re thinking you can’t take any more.

4. Tae Bo

Billy Blanks unique combination of kickboxing, aerobics, and Tae Kwon Do is an energizing, exhilarating, exhausting workout. The Tae Bo DVD’s will help keep your motivation up while the calories are burning.

5. Hip Hop Abs

Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs promises killer abs, regardless of how many left feet you possess. The dance moves are broken down, step-by-step so that anyone can follow them. Most importantly, these fun hip hop routines work up a sweat, blast calories, burn fat, and help the session time fly by.

6. Build Up Your Muscles

With so many warnings about improper weight lifting, it can be daunting to break into for beginners. If you’re looking to break out the weights for the first time, Build Up Your Muscles is a great place to start. Customizable and simple, Build Up Your Muscles provides instruction on proper form along with the weight training routines.

7. Fat-Burning Kickboxing Workouts for Dummies

Again, don’t let a lack of expertise get you down! If you want to learn the basics of kickboxing, you can’t go wrong with Keli Roberts beginner oriented guide. Burn calories and learn something new without leaving the comforts of home: sounds like a win-win-win.

8. Jane Fonda: The Workout

Classics are usually a classic for a reason. If you’re looking for an effective at home workout, you can’t go wrong by dusting off your copy (or borrowing your mother’s copy) of Jane Fonda: The Workout. The Workout has remained popular for years thanks to its full body, low impact approach.

9. Jillian Michaels: The Complete Workout for Beginners

Jillian Michaels provides a well-crafted, easy to use basic workout. Her videos help users tone their muscles through an efficient routine of circuit training.

10. 1 Minute Workout: Total Body Toning

Time not on your side? The 1 Minute Workout is the best, most effective solution for those with a constant time crunch or an ever-changing schedule. With over 115 different exercises, users can craft countless customized workouts. Enjoy a five minute workout blast one day and an hour long session the next, focus on one muscle group or push through a full body workout. Get the workout you need in a time frame that fits your schedule.

Beginner or expert, weight-assisted or equipment-free, these excellent video resources allow users of all experiences and focuses to achieve the fitness they desire without having to set foot in a gym.

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