How to Safely Research Supplements

Are you one of the many people interested in improving your health through the use of dietary supplements? While it can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon every time a supplement is advertised, it’s important to keep your safety in mind every step of the way. Below are some ways you can help ensure that you’re only ingesting products that will end up having a positive effect on your body, mind and spirit.


Talk to Other People

Ask around to see if you can find individuals who are currently using the supplement you want to try. Avoid falling into the trap of thinking all product testimonials are written by real people; the truth is, sometimes they aren’t. Instead, do a little digging around, and see if you can get feedback from people who have used the same supplement – product, brand, etc. – that you want to purchase.

Don’t Go Cheap

You’ll see advertisements galore that you can “buy this supplement cheap” if you go overseas, but that’s a dangerous plan. Supplements manufactured in foreign countries are likely to be unregulated. You could end up putting items in your body that could make you sick – or worse. Spend the money and get a higher-end product from a reputable supplement company.

Ask Your Doctor

While not every physician is supportive of patients taking supplements, it doesn’t hurt to ask your doctor’s opinion. He or she might be able to give you inside information that can be of tremendous assistance.

Do Research

Even the so-called “greatest” supplement isn’t right for you if the side effects are quite harsh. Depending upon your age, lifestyle and current medications, you may not want to take a supplement, even if it sounds terrific at first glance. Always check out trusted medical sites to research supplements, such as the National Institutes of Health, for information on side effects.

 “Natural” Doesn’t Necessarily Mean “Better”

Just because the word “natural” is used to describe the supplement, it doesn’t mean the supplement is going to be good for you. Remind yourself that lead is a naturally-occurring element, but eating it will be poisonous. Don’t learn the hard way that your “all natural” supplement is necessitating a trip to the emergency room.

Be Skeptical of “Too Good to Be True” Claims

Have you heard that a supplement can cure cancer, totally block fat or perform some other miracle? It’s okay to be intrigued, but don’t let your skepticism wane. Check out scientific studies, medical journals and other trusted sites and sources before investing your hard-earned dollars into a supplement.

Take the Prescribed Amounts

Finally, this is more of a precaution to take after deciding that you will, indeed, take a certain supplement: Always follow the directions. As with any drug that can alter your system, more is not usually better. Stick with a conservative game plan, and monitor your body’s reactions very carefully.

There’s no reason not to investigate supplements or to take a few if they seem right for your needs. However, you have to be a smart consumer; after all, it’s your future on the line.

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