How Journaling Helps Heal

journalingJournaling is incredibly helpful no matter what you’re going through in life. If you’ve ever been in therapy, your therapists probably told you to journal. If you’ve never been in therapy – great – journaling can still help you sort out your busy brain. Here’s how.

Why It Helps

When you are going through something stressful, it’s likely you’ve tried to forget it was happening. You may have kept yourself busy, just so you didn’t have to think about it. While this may seem like it’s helpful while you’re dealing with it, it’s actually quite damaging to your psyche. Your subconscious is always dealing with what you don’t want to, and when you deny that part of you, a battle begins.

This battle inside of you is between your subconscious and conscious minds. You may seem “okay” as you go about your day, but if something little happens that stresses you out, you may overreact. Even if it doesn’t have anything to do with the trauma your subconscious is dealing with, you’ll act as though it does.

That’s not fair to you or anyone who is in path of your wrath. For that reason, you need to give your subconscious the attention it deserves. You can do this with journaling.

When you write with purpose, you will start to see that your mind will flow. There will be things that come to mind that you didn’t even realize were there. This will amaze you.

How to Do It Correctly

Free writing is just writing whatever comes to mind. This is the best way to journal. While your mind may be blank at first, if you just start writing about your day or the things that you are thinking about at that minute, you’ll see that your mind will open up and you’ll have so much more to journal about.

You can start with topics, but don’t limit yourself to them. If in the course of writing you thinking of something off topic, write it down. Just write down anything that comes to mind.

What to Do with the Writing

Once you are done writing, review what you wrote. You may be surprised by what you have written. As you go through, the revelations you’ll see will make you think more about what’s going on inside of you. A part of you will feel relieved and another part will feel inspired to change something about your situation.

Changing your situation is another part of the process of healing that journaling provides. The problem solving that comes from journaling is great. When you sit down and discover problems with journaling, you can think of ways to solve those problems and put on paper. Steps to solve those problems can be thought of and then all you have to is implement them.

You should really give it a try. Take out some paper after you’re done reading this article and start writing. Even if you haven’t been through something traumatic. Just start writing and see what comes out of it. You will be amazed at what really comes out. Just don’t limit yourself. Write down every single thing that you think of and see where your mind goes – you’ll be on your road to healing before you know it.

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