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If you’re looking for information about health, fitness, and nutrition, you’re in the right place. Being healthy is more than eating the right foods and getting enough squats in at the gym; if you’re in the know, you understand that health is a combination of your mental, physical, and social well-being. Featuring helpful guides, inspiration, and the information you might not have realized you needed, Miss Rx is here to keep you happy and healthy.

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Adrienne - MissRXMy name is Adrienne. I’m a freelance writer committed to a healthy lifestyle and pursuing happiness in all facets of my life. I speak French, and have a love for Thai food, good design, and social media. You can follow me on Twitter right here.

Jen - AuthorAnd I’m Jennifer and I am a writer, journalist, and health nut. I enjoy yoga, running, and trying to perfect healthy recipes in my kitchen. Follow me on Twitter and Pinterest for fun articles, recipes, and workout inspiration!