6 New Ways to Quantify Your Workouts

With the way technology is advancing, it can get confusing to pick out a new phone or TV, let alone decide on workout gear. However, those workout gadgets can be pretty killer, especially if you’re one of the millions of people who has some trouble with motivation. If you’re wondering which ones you should (or at least could) consider, check out these picks!

6 New Ways to Quantify Your Workouts

1. Fitbit

Wearable workout technology is becoming synonymous with Fitbit, and for good reason. This company jumped on the idea of workout tech early in the game, and its dedication is paying off. The company offers a selection of different wristbands to choose from. Each one has different benefits, including different price points, looks and uses.

They do everything from a basic pedometer that measures distance and caloric burn to a workout-smart watch. Keep in mind, the prices vary accordingly.

2. Carrot Fit (iOS)

Would you like your workout to contain some degrading, angry humor? If so, Carrot Fit has the app for you. This app is snarky and satirical, and in addition to tracking your movement, the overlord drags you through 7-minute intervals of ridiculous exercises. It’s insulting, motivating, and funny. That means those of us with disturbed humor have finally found a workout buddy who gives insults as good as we do!

3. Jawbone

Right up there with Fitbit, Jawbone is another popular workout tech option. Jawbone is water resistant, and, like Fitbit, has several options you can choose from. It has what’s referred to as the Smart Coach, which helps you keep track of the best choices you can make. It tracks your sleep, offers options on days you’ve had less than usual, and provides gentle reminders. It allows you to log food and compete with friends, then shares the information onto your smartphone.

4. Charity Miles (Android, iOS)

For those of us who like to think of ourselves as do-gooders, it doesn’t get any easier. Designed to run in the background, Charity Miles tracks your workout progress and makes donations to your selected charity based on how far you go. This only works on cardio exercise, specifically walking, running, and biking.

Walkers and runners earn 0.25 per mile, and bikers earn 0.10. The app is free, and you can select from a variety of charities. They also request you share your success online, both to involve others and to represent the sponsors. If you don’t want to, like if you had a terrible workout, all you have to do is set it to private.

5. Athos

Taking wearable technology to a new level, we have Athos. This is a wearable device that slips into your clothes and tracks data. It sends it to your phone and analyzes it, allowing you to see what areas need improvement.

It’s actually a 3-part system:

The Gear — What actually records the statistics. This is literally the clothes you’ll wear to work out. It measures heart rate, breathing and electromyography (EMG). EMG is basically how hard your muscles are working.

The Core — Essentially the brain of the operation, the core processes and analyzes the information it gets from the gear. It connects to your phone via Bluetooth and uploads the data.

The App — The app lets you see exactly what is going on — what muscle groups are working, which groups are working the hardest, if you’re going too hard or not hard enough. It also shows heart rate and breath pattern and provides data so you can see what you need to work on.

6. Fitocracy (Android, iOS)

Some of us have a hard time getting motivated to work out. Instead of bemoaning your laziness, turn it into a competition! Fitocracy is a social media app for exercise. It lets you level up and compare to friends. You can also join teams and get motivation and tips from trainers and other team members. It keeps track of your personal bests and lets you see them all at once, making it easy to notice improvement. Plus, it’s free!

No more excuses: With these resources, it’s never been easier to track your fitness and, perhaps the greatest motivator of all, your progress.

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