5 Natural Ways to Fight Aging

Many people think it’s necessary to resort to measures like Botox or plastic surgery to minimize the natural effects of aging. Those techniques may work, but you might want to try these non-invasive and natural tips first.


Be Mindful of your Sugar Intake

If you have a sweet tooth, your love of sugar may unfortunately contribute to an accelerated aging process. That’s because sugar consumption causes a process called glycation, which makes sugars adhere to protein and fat inside the body. Over time, it can interfere with your body’s production of collagen, a protein that gives the skin elasticity. If you can’t imagine cutting back on sugar, try doing it slowly, and replacing it with other flavors such as cinnamon and lemon juice when preparing your favorite foods.

Slather on the Sunscreen

It turns out your mother was right when she urged you to skip the tanning beds and put on sunscreen even on days that seemed mostly cloudy. Exposure to the sun is a known factor that speeds up the body’s aging process. It can especially cause premature wrinkles. Fortunately, there are many types of sunscreen that offer lightweight, non-greasy coverage and great protection from harsh rays.

Use Aloe Vera Gel around your Eyes

The healing properties of the aloe vera plant are widely documented. In addition to using the plant’s gel if you got sunburned by not following the advice above, you can also squeeze gel from the leaves onto your fingertip and apply it around your eyes to fight crow’s feet. The gel gets rid of free radicals that can cause wrinkles to form, and it’s also a natural moisturizer. Just keep aloe vera leaves stashed in your refrigerator so you’ll have easy access to the gel as needed.

Take a Vitamin E Supplement

A daily Vitamin E supplement can also help you fight aging because it boosts collagen production. That means it may help if your levels are already lower than normal because of problems like the excess sugar consumption mentioned above. It’s also a powerful antioxidant, meaning it promotes the proper functionality of your body’s cells and safeguards them against environmental damage.

Manage Stress Appropriately

Everyone gets stressed from time to time. If you’re frazzled a little too often, it could make you look older and feel that way too. Be proactive by learning to recognize when your stress level is climbing, and depending on therapeutic things to banish anxiety. Playing music, talking to a friend, and going for a brisk walk are all examples of things you can do to calm down without turning to potentially harmful strategies like drinking alcohol or binging on food.

As you can see, it’s easier than you might have thought to have a positive effect on your body’s natural aging process, all without using drastic measures.

Image: Bob AuBuchon

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